ALC Sandy Jet

ALC is a market leader in the automotive body shop industry for abrasive blasters.

ALC is a trusted brand and has a tremendous reputation for abrasive blasters. ALC makes a full line of blasters complemented by some of the best imports.

  • Floor model steel cabinet blasters with fully welded construction, 100 CFM dust collectors, full-width top doors, optional foot pedals, side doors, and cushioned foam armholes.
  • Pressure blasters with manual pull-up tank closures, adjustable abrasive flow valves, and pressure relief valves. ASME-certified tanks are available.
  • Blaster parts and accessories including nozzles, hoses, handles, and air jets.
  • Hoods gloves, and blast suits for non-respiratory protection during blasting jobs.

Since sand is no longer recommended in blasting applications, abrasive blasters are no longer referred to as “sandblasters.”

ALC blasters can be used in automotive applications, body shops and in machine shops, small factories or manufacturing plants, and any business that specializes in difficult-to-clean surfaces such as:

  • Cars & Trucks
  • Motorcycles & ATVs
  • Aircraft Parts
  • Aluminum
  • Boats
  • Glass
  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Steel