Legacy Mfr.

Legacy Manufacturing Company was founded in 1986 as a division of Weems Industries, Inc. Legacy Manufacturing's family business, based in Eastern Iowa, makes high-quality, long-lasting tools and equipment for professional and consumer use. Their premium products are designed and manufactured to help our customers work faster and easier. They take pride in prompt shipment, superior service and competitive prices.

Legacy Manufacturing brands and product lines cover a wide range of functions and share a common focus on quality,
effciency and durability.Their products are all designed to the highest standards and are made with materials best suited to each intended use. Legacy  stand behind our brands, including Legacy™, Flexzilla®, SmartFlex®, Lock-n-Load™, ColorConnex®, and Workforce®. Legacy brands offer what dedicated professionals need and what do-it-yourself perfectionists want.

Legacy Manufacturing creates leading global brands that consistently surpass customer expectations for performance and job satisfaction, challenging convention, embrace experimentation and applaud innovation. Legacy constantly seeks ways to make their products better.

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