Creating and Editing Products

1. Login to the Administration Dashboard.

2. Go to Products → Products Being Sold.

3. Click the Add Product button (looks like a plus sign) near the top right of the screen.

4. Enter the name of the product.

5. Select categories for your product. The first category will be the product's primary category. All subsequent categories are the product's secondary categories.

6. Enter a long description of your product.

7. Select an image or multiple images of your product.


8. Underneath the image selection section, you should also fill in the PRODUCT CODE and number In Stock.

9. You can also opt to add a short description and some search words (separated by comma) in the Extra section near the bottom of the page.

10. Click the Create button. That's it. You have created your listing. To preview your product listing, click the Gear button and click Preview. 

There are other options available for products so be sure to check out the other full tutorials below. 

Full step-by-step tutorials:


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