Rhino Pro Bed Liner Products

Rhino Pro has worked for years in surpassing both industry and customer expectations. What started off as a company spraying bedliners has branched out into all segments of the automotive industry.

As the first Rhino Linings dealer in 1988, spraying the original spray-on truck bedliner, they have had an established history in the auto sector. Rhino Pro quickly realized the need for growth and began constantly working to the adapt to the dynamic industry. What started as installation of aftermarket accessories, through dealer and customer feedback they realized the desperate need for a true one-stop shop operation, and the RhinoPro brand was born.

When RhinoPro Truck Outfitters adopted the one-stop shop mentality, the idea was simple: become a location where their retail and fleet customers could find aftermarket parts for their trucks, commercial vehicles and cargo vans.

Rhino Pro has grown in reputation, size, product selection, level of service and customer loyalty. In 2018, RhinoPro began the R&D from the request of customers to make a state-of-the art, feature-rich service body. They are proud to say that we now manufacture with state-of-the art technology a RhinoPro branded service body, a RhinoPro contractor body, a RhinoPro utility vehicle body (RUV), a RhinoPro crane body, a RhinoPro landscape dove-tail bed, a RhinoPro chipper bed, and a RhinoPro dump bed all built with industry-standard features.