16314, Mini (6 fl oz), 3M PPS Lid & Liner Kits contain 25 disposable lids (Large size) or 50 disposable lids (all other sizes) with welded-in filters to strain paint material while spraying, along with corresponding liners and sealing plugs for use with the 3M PPS (Legacy) paint preparation system. Kits are available in five sizes for a range of jobs large and small.
Brand3M Manufacturer Part Number 16314 Unit of MeasureCase Quantity in Unit50 lids and liners
From $81.25
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EMPTY SQUEZE BOTTLE The 3M Detailing Squeeze Bottle was developed for efficiently storing and dispensing auto body polishes, compounds, glazes, liquid wax and solvents. Fluorinated high density polyethylene construction resists paneling and helps preserve the integrity of common auto shop compounds. Squeeze bottle includes a removable spout top for easy dispensation and a cap to prevent spillage.
Brand3M Manufacturer Part Number 37720 Unit of MeasureBottle Quantity in Unit1
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06348 TRIM MASKING TAPE 15MM. Perforated Trim Masking Tape features a rigid band along one edge that slips gently behind moldings, lifting them slightly from the body. This tape allows paint to flow beneath the moldings while masking their exteriors for a professional, finished paint job without removing or replacing the moldings or rework for paint lines. Perforations allow you to tear the tape by hand saving time.
Brand3M Manufacturer Part Number 06348 Unit of MeasureBox
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3M Static Mixing Nozzle 3M-38191 is a cascade mix/meter nozzle for an easy squeeze of adhesive right on target. Our static mixing nozzle is engineered for use with 3M cartridges and manual or pneumatic applicators
Brand3M Manufacturer Part Number 38191 Unit of MeasureBag Quantity in Unit12
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3M Dynamic Mixing Nozzle, 05847, 50 nozzles per box. Our 3M Dynamic Mixing System Nozzle is integral to fast, accurate mixing of two-part body repair products. Nozzles are specially designed for low-waste mixing that thoroughly blends material to specific ratios. Choose the DMS 1.0 red nozzle for fillers and glazes, and purple nozzles for DMS 1.5 adhesives and sealers. Nozzle extensions are available for adhesives and sealants to reduce bead size.
Brand3M Manufacturer Part Number 05847 Unit of MeasureBox Quantity in Unit50 nozzles
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3M Automix 05887. EZ Sand Multi Purpose Repair Material is ready-to-use 2-part epoxy finishing adhesive material that dries to a flexible hardness, ideal for repairing plastic parts such as bumper covers and body panels. It applies easily from a 3M applicator gun mixing nozzle, with no pre-mixing or measuring. It is quick sandable for excellent featheredge, and paintable in as little as 30 minutes.
Brand3M Manufacturer Part Number 05887 Unit of MeasureCartridge Quantity in Unit1
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3M Flexible Plastic Patch, 05888, is a popular repair material for automotive bumpers, reinforces the inside of a two-sided plastic repair where the damage has penetrated through the plastic material. Our flexible patch measures 4 inches by 8 inches and provides a strong backside reinforcement repair for most plastics. Includes 6 flexible TPO patches and 6 adhesion promoter packets.
Brand3M Manufacturer Part Number 05888 Unit of MeasureBox Quantity in Unit6
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3M Automix Polyolefin Adhesion Promoter - 16 fl oz . Polyolefin Adhesion Promoter is a specially formulated adhesion promoter for use when repairing low surface energy plastics such as thermopolyolefin (TPO). Use our adhesion promoter with 3M brand adhesives. 3M Pololefin Adhesion Promoter is designed specifically for polyolefin and ethylene propylene plastic identified by the marks, PP, EP, TPO, or EPDM on the back of the part.
Brand3M Manufacturer Part Number 05907 Unit of MeasureCan Quantity in Unit1
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3M Weld-Thru II 3M-05917 is a convenient aerosol coating designed to prevent corrosion between welded metal surfaces. Featuring a zinc base that draws corrosion away from bare metals, it helps prevent costly comebacks due to corrosion at welds. Spray coating applies fast, resists weld spatter common to some weldable primers and dries in as little as 5 minutes, increasing shop efficiency and productivity.
Brand3M Manufacturer Part Number 05917 Unit of MeasureCan Quantity in Unit1
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3M Soft Edge Foam Masking Tape , 06293, 21mm x 49m. Soft edge Foam Masking Tape PLUS makes jamb masking quick, easy and effective. Use our 21 mm width foam tape for jamb masking and other areas that need to be sealed during painting. This tape is the easy way to produce professional-looking paint transition lines.
Brand3M Manufacturer Part Number 06293 Unit of MeasureBox Quantity in Unit1
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3M Soft Edge Foam Masking Tape 06297, 12 mm x 50 m. Soft Edge Foam Masking Tape protects door jambs, hoods or any area of a vehicle that needs to be sealed while being painted. Our foam take provides a soft edge to prevent hard paint lines. The polyurethane foam structure tape is completely flexible so that it conforms to unique contours and is easily workable. Our tape is available in multiple sizes to meet specific needs.
Brand3M Manufacturer Part Number 06297 Unit of MeasureBox Quantity in Unit1 Roll
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3M Automotive Attachment Tape 06377 is just .03” (.76 mm) thick, making it excellent for flush, streamlined and permanent application of lightweight auto trim and moldings. This ½”-wide OEM-approved tape incorporates a strong yet conformable closed-cell acrylic foam with high performance acrylic adhesive on both sides. This adhesive resists plasticizers and delivers high peel and shear adhesion.
Brand3M Manufacturer Part Number 06377 Unit of MeasureRoll Quantity in Unit1
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