The Worlds premier polyester Putties and automotive fillers

The true American success story of The Clausen Company is one of two friends who always dreamed of owning their own business and who took a chance on a new polyester autobody filler product. Hans Clausen, a plumber, and Tyrus W. Peck, a chemist, pioneers in the automotive aftermarket founded the business in 1957. But only half a dream came true. Clausen died in July 1961 without realizing the dream he had always had.

Situated in the heart of Central Jersey's secondary petrochemical processing industries, under the leadership of the Peck Family, The Clausen Company has always employed a diverse work force. Many employees have enjoyed working their full working careers here with fully paid benefits. With flexible hours and a unique four-day workweek, employees have more time to be involved with their families.

In addition to being philanthropic, The Clausen Company maintains an energy conservation program, including recycling, and is proud of its environmental commitment. We have no underground chemical storage and have received a New Jersey D.E.P. clean site citation.

As a family-owned business, The Clausen Company has been a driving force in innovation, manufacturing a full line of high quality, professional, unique and problem-solving automotive refinishing products, which are both time and labor savers, and designed to simplify professional autobody repair.