Since 1957, The Clausen Company has been a driving force in innovation. It is situated at the crossroads of Central New Jersey’s secondary petrochemical processing industries. A spacious and well-equipped plant manufactures top quality autobody fillers, fiberglass repair products, polyester glazing putty and “high build” polyester primers. 

As a pioneer in the autobody repair industry more than sixty years ago, in 1975 Clausen successfully developed and introduced into the U.S. market the first commercially-produced lightweight autobody filler “Classic Plastic”. It revolutionized the autobody repair industry saving time and money. 

A recognized innovator in the field, in 1985 Clausen then developed and produced the first self-etching autobody repair products produced by any company in the United States: “Z-Chrome” autobody filler, “Z-Glas”, a fiberglass reinforced filler that can be finished, and “Rust Defender” high build polyester primer, filler and sealer, guaranteed and well proven in the market place.

In 1990 Clausen developed introduced two more self-etching products, “Lighten Up”, an autobody filler guaranteed to eliminate “bleed through” and “Z-Glaze Lite”, a soft-sanding, stain-free and tack-free polyester glazing putty. 

In 2000 Clausen baffled the coatings industry with its ultimate “high build’ one step polyester primer-surfacer-sealer “All-U-Need”. Designed to save time, work and money, it is a unique polyester primer that is self-etching, works faster, easier and cost less. It is rated the best by fine car restorationists in all professional coating applications requirements. “All-U-Need” is available in these popular colors: light gray, dark gray, tan, white and red.