Clean Sheets

Clean Sheets® manufacturing started in 1988 by Gary Holt in Morristown, Tn. While Gary worked for his father at Holt’s auto sales and body shop, Gary wanted to find a faster and cleaner way to replace cut-out squares of cardboard being used from semi-clean parts boxes. They used these to mix body filler, and hardener and other epoxy chemicals. After many months of research he found a special non-porous paper which would be made into a disposable, tear-away, 100-sheet pad.

All you do with Clean Sheets® is mix on the top sheets and when finished tear off the sheet and throw away and you are ready to start again. One man with a vision and $1000.00 started a 28 year old company thanks to all Clean Sheets® loyal longtime customers. The name Clean Sheets® is a registered trademark and was patented in 1988. Quality you know you can count on.

Clean Sheets® Mixing Pad pays for itself the first time you use them.

Use To Mix: Body Filler, Fiberglass, Resins, Plastics, Gel, Touch-up Paint, 2 Part Epoxies, Pin Stripping, Adhesives and Putties. 

Used By: Auto Body Collision, Cabinet Repair, Boat Builders, Sign Repair, Bath Repair, Hobbyist, Artist, Aircraft, Marble & Granite Companies, Research & Development, Gun Cleaning, Steel & Wood Door Repair, Floor Adhesives, Golf Club Repair, etc.

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