Tru-Polish All-in-One Polish & Swirl Remover (1 gal.) MAL197301/ Malco’s Tru-Polish™ uses today’s most advanced abrasive technology to remove 3000 grit sand scratches, car wash scratches, day-to-day wear and swirls left after compounding. The final finish is a deep, true gloss with no waxes, fillers or silicones to create die back. Developed for use on new and aged clear coat systems, this water based formula contains special lubricants for a long work time and easy clean up.
BrandMalco Manufacturer Part Number 197301 Unit of Measure1 gal.
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Whitewall Cleaner Concentrate (1 gal.) MAL100201. Removes dirt and grease to clean and brighten whitewalls and letters. Dilute 1:3.
BrandMalco Manufacturer Part Number 100201 Unit of Measure1 gal.
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Glass Cleaner - Non-Ammonia Formula (19 oz.) MAL113820. Ammonia-free cleaner powers away grime and film to leave glass, chrome, tile and mirrors clean and streak-free. Safe for use on aftermarket tinted windows.
BrandMalco Manufacturer Part Number 113820 Unit of Measure19 oz.
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Cherry Flash® Liquid Paste Wax (1 gal.) MAL124801. This liquified paste wax utilizes the same wax and DuPont onyl as our regular Flash. This easy-to-apply product dries quickly and comes of easily, resulting in a deep, long-lasting gloss.
BrandMalco Manufacturer Part Number 124801 Unit of Measure1 gal.
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Leather & Plastic Cleaner (1 gal.) MAL100101/ Restores like-new appearance to leather, plastic and vinyl. Its special penetrating formula cleans all the way down to the pores and leaves surfaces clean and film free.
BrandMalco Manufacturer Part Number 100101 Unit of Measure1 gal.
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Xtrax Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner (18 oz.) MAL124720/ Features a special foaming all-fabric formula and the clean, fresh Xtrax fragrance. This easy-to-use product lifts soils without leaving an oily film behind. Use it for all carpet and upholstery cleaning.
BrandMalco Manufacturer Part Number 124720 Unit of Measure18 oz.
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Rubberized Undercoating (16 oz.) MAL117420. IMPROVED FORMULA! Protects underside and lower body panels from chips and scratches. This paintable formula provides superior low temperature flexibility and better performance than asphaltic products. Sprays on black, will not brown out.
BrandMalco Manufacturer Part Number 117420 Unit of Measure16 oz.
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Perfect 10 Fast Drying Spray (12 oz.) MAL114520. Fast drying, easy to use spray produces a fine mist with no wiping necessary. Use to prevent terminal corrosion and waterproof ignition system hinges, springs and casters
BrandMalco Manufacturer Part Number 114520 Unit of Measure12 oz.
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Red Thunder Biodegradable Degreaser (1 gal.) MAL102301/ Removes a wide variety of soils from most hard and soft surfaces. This highly concentrated, non-caustic and aluminum-safe, all purpose cleaner excels as an engine cleaner and degreaser. It’s also great on whitewalls, carpet and upholstery. Dilute up to 1:10.
BrandMalco Manufacturer Part Number 102301 Unit of Measure1 gal.
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H/A All-Purpose Concentrate Cleaner (1 gal.) MAL101501, Produces outstanding results from 1:10 to 1:100 dilutions. H/A does not use solvents or bleaches; instead, it contains penetrating agents to loosen soils. After rinsing, surfaces are clean and film-free.
BrandMalco Manufacturer Part Number 101501 Unit of Measure1 gal.
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KA-88 Concentrated Cleaner & Degreaser (1 gal.) MAL105601/ Formulated to cut heavy grease, oil and dirt economically. The high alkaline cleaners in KA-88 make it the ideal choice for cleaning concrete floors, walls and vehicular traffic areas. One of the strongest cleaners available, KA-88 can be diluted to meet the requirements for specific jobs. Can be diluted up to 1:10.
BrandMalco Manufacturer Part Number 105601 Unit of Measure1 gal.
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Outrageous Orange (1 gal.) MAL117601/ Biodegradable formula powers away dirt, grease and grime. This orange-scented, water-based, d-limonene cleaner is ideal for interior and exterior use. It’s super-concentrated so you can dilute it up to 1:30.
BrandMalco Manufacturer Part Number 117601 Unit of Measure1 gal.
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