Mercantile Development

Innovative Ideas for Product Advancement

Mercantile Development Inc, is a full-line manufacturer of professional grade non woven wiping products designed for critical cleaning applications. Family owned and operated for three generations, MDI is dedicated to delivering outstanding products, value and service to partners worldwide. As such, it is their mission to exceed customer expectations and to build working relationships with integrity. MDI`s experienced specialists consult with stakeholders to truly understand work processes and, as a result, identify the right product for each environment, at the lowest cost in use. They delight in collaborating with customers because working closely together creates solutions that increase efficiencies or reduce consumption while never losing sight of protecting people and processes.

MDI is continually developing creative solutions to meet changing market demands. MDI partners with mills to engineer substrates in a complete range of performance levels and design products to accomplish specific tasks with increased efficiency and minimal waste at the lowest cost-in-use.

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